Plant Data Sheet



Species: Inside out flower, Vancouveria hexandra


Range: Oregon, Washington, and California.(4)(5)


Climate, elevation: Moist and Dry forests at elevation below 1500m.Hardy to -15C.(3)


Local occurrence (where, how common): Very common perennial groundcover in the Douglas fir forests. Grays Harbor, Thurston, Pierce, Pacific, Lewis, Wahkiakum, Cowlitz, Clark, Skamania, and Klickitat Counties.(2)


Habitat preferences: Moist, shady woods, woodland, shaded rockery. (3,5)


Plant strategy type/successional stage: Dominant understory perennial ground cover in late successional Douglas fir forest. Tolerates some drought in summer.(3,6)


Associated species: A close relative of epimediums. Family Berberidaciae (4)


May be collected as: May be collected as seed in late July, or by division in early spring. (5)


Collection restrictions or guidelines: Information not available.


Seed germination (needs dormancy breaking?): Information not available.


Seed life (can be stored, short shelf-life, long shelf-life): Information not available.


Recommended seed storage conditions: Information not available.



Propagation recommendations: Sow seeds as soon as ripe and division in early spring.(5)


Soil or medium requirements: Humus rich, well-drained soil. It drives in acid soil. (5,1)

Installation form: Good for woodland restoration. It is clumpy at the beginning, but then it spreads out. (1) Cost range from $ 3.00 $12.00 dollars. (1) Once established, it can tolerate dry spells. (6)


Recommended planting density: Plant 1 1/2 feet apart.(6)


Care requirements after installed (water weekly, water once etc.): Side dressing of compost in spring or fall. Requires consistently moist soil; should receive supplemental water for at least the first season while they become established in the garden.(5)


Normal rate of growth or spread; lifespan : It spreads by slowly creeping rhizomes. Perennial.(5)



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Data compiled by:

Mercedes Mijares

April 13, 2006.