False Hellebore, Corn Lily

Veratrum viride



Alaska to North Cascades of Oregon; Olympic Mountains through Cascades to Rocky Mountain (4).


Climate, elevation

Wet areas from sea level to alpine meadows (3).




Local occurrence (where, how common)

Commonly abundant at subalpine elevations in cold wet meadows (3).


Habitat preferences

Wet thickets, meadows, bogs, and swamp (3).


Associated species

In subalpine meadow ecosystems:  Tsuga mertensiana, Polygonum bistortoides, Castilleja spp., Mimulus lewisii, Pedicularis spp., Erythronium montanum, Pulsatilla occidentalis, Lupinus lepidus (1).


May be collected as:

 Divisions, seeds (2).


Collection restrictions or guidelines

 Because these plants grow in wet areas, especially subalpine meadows with fragile plants and short growing season, it is imperative to minimize impact while collecting both seeds and vegetative parts.


Seed germination

Cold stratification improves germination rates (5). 


Propagation recommendations

Vegetative parts:  divisions of rootmass (2).   Little information was available on seed propagation.


Soil or medium requirements

 Acidic soil.  Sand, loam, or clay will work if plant is given adequate moisture (2).


Recommended planting density

24-36 inches (2).


Care requirements after installed

Water daily.  Plant is native to wet areas and requires wet soils for survival (2).


Normal rate of growth or spread; lifespan



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Data compiled by Sacha Johnson, 6/1/2004