Plant Data Sheet


 Blue Anemone or Oregon Windflower  Anemone oregana


photo of Anemone oregana




State Distributional Map for ANOR


Climate, elevation


Local occurrence:  Washington and Oregon Cascades and also in the Oregon coast ranges and the Olympic Mountains.


Habitat preferences: Moist forests, marshes and forest openings,


Associated species: A. deltoidea, A. parviflora, A. lyallii.


May be collected as: Seeds or Cuttings


Collection restrictions or guidelines: Seeds collected in September.



Recommended seed storage conditions: Seed should be stored at 3to 5C with low relative humidity in sealed containers. Cuttings should be kept moist and under refrigeration


Propagation recommendations: Seed, cuttings.


Soil or medium requirements: Mesic to moist, no inoculum necessary.


Installation form: Seed or cuttings.


Recommended planting density: Space 24+ inches


Care requirements after installed: Water weekly depending on weather, use well drained soil. Not drought tolerant.


Normal rate of growth or spread; lifespan: Blooms in spring


Sources cited:


Pojar J., McKinnon A.,1994 Plants of the Pacific Northwest, B.C. Ministry of Forests and Lone Publishing, Canada





Data compiled by: Karen Suyama June 2005