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Woodland strawberry










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Species: Fragaria vesca, woodland strawberry


Range: North America and Europe (1)


Climate, elevation: low to subalpine areas, south of 55˚N (4)


Local occurrence: Iron Goat trail, near Stevens Pass (1)


Habitat preferences: Clearings or open forests (4)


Plant strategy type/successional stage: low-growing perennial with long stolons (5)


Associated species: Cedar/Hemlock forest margin(2)

May be collected as: Seeds , stolons with plantlets, or divided plants (2)


Collection restrictions or guidelines: Divide plants in spring or fall. Seed is collected when the fruits turn red in mid summer. Seed can be processed by maceration of the fruit using a Dyb-vig cleaner, followed by washing and screening.(2)


Seed germination: Seeds must be stratified for 85 days to break physiological dormancy.(2) Sow indoors 2 months before last frost date. Press into the soil firmly. Cover with paper to exclude light. Keep moist. Germination will occur in 2-3 weeks at an optimum soil temperature of 65-75F. Up-pot at 3-4 weeks and transplant outside after the danger of frost has passed or direct seed outside as soon as the soil warms. (6)


Seed life: 2 years (6)


Recommended seed storage conditions: Unknown.


Propagation recommendations: Seeds or cuttings


Soil or medium requirements: Prefers a fertile, well-drained, moisture retentive soil(3) or moist sterile seeding mix (6)


Installation form: Bare root or in 2 or 4 pots (2)


Recommended planting density: 8-12 apart (6).


Care requirements after installed: Water weekly at least in first year after installation (7).


Normal rate of growth or spread; lifespan: Establishes quickly, but individual plants can lose vigor after three years (3).


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Data compiled by Deborah Brown, May 7, 2006