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The World Food System is a Living System

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The world food system as it currently functions is not sustainable. In the contemplative practice of lesson two we were asked to think about the systems involved in the food we eat. I make a concerted effort to eat locally grown and unpackaged foods but this contemplation helped me to imagine what my diet would be if I truly ate… Read more »

Making the Switch to Fair Trade Chocolate

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As the parent of a small child, there is never a shortage of chocolate in my house, between Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, Easter and Birthdays. When I’m at work, chocolate always seems to find a way into the office to satisfy someone’s sweet tooth. Chocolate is all around me, and it wasn’t until our contemplative practice about chocolate, that I really… Read more »

The Universality of Hunger

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Hunger is a biological state that practically all humans experience in their lifetime, to varying degrees. In contemplating the experience of hunger, I was struck by the universality of the sensation. It is an issue that has persisted, unsolved and unchanged, throughout human history. On a global scale, an overwhelming range of complex forces and feedback loops are at work in… Read more »

The Diary of a Chocolate Snob

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By the third week of class I felt that I had gotten more out of the contemplative exercise than I had previously. I truly gained some insight into myself that was different than the weeks before.  It was different because I didn’t want to acknowledge it.  Coincidentally I worked for an German Chocolatier and when I was in high school.  Before… Read more »

What’s The Raisin Behind Contemplative Practice?

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Don’t tell the professor but I almost fall asleep during every one of her contemplative practice videos. For me, closing my eyes while talking to me in a slow rhythmic tone is the express elevator to dreamland. While falling asleep would no doubt bring much mental relief from my busy day, I found that contemplative practice assignments also have a… Read more »

Meditating on Hunger

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A contemplative practice that resonated with me was the exercise on hunger. My experience with hunger has always been associated with dieting or self-restriction for weight loss. My problem wasn’t the availability of food, it was the overabundance of it, and my own lack of discipline with eating. That deeply contrasts with the experience of hunger for most people in… Read more »

Mindless Enjoyment: Chocolate

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What do you do to relax or treat yourself after a long day? Perhaps you take a moment and revel in the luxury of chocolate. After all, studies have shown that chocolate has health benefits, among other things it is high in antioxidants and heart healthy. What is the harm in taking respite and mindlessly enjoying a piece of chocolate?… Read more »

Local & Seasonal Eating

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As someone who enjoys cooking, it is easy to get inspired to try new dishes, come up with new combinations, and try exotic food (i.e. tropical fruits, “strange” vegetables, new meats, etc.). Eating seasonally and locally can be a challenge when one is inspired to cook. Whether I am following a recipe or making one up as I go, cooking… Read more »

Chocolate – My Comfort Food?

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During Week 3, when the Contemplative Practice on chocolate was done, I had a rough time. First, I was recovering from a bad cold and second, my grandfather had passed away the day before I did my contemplative practice, so my mood was anything buy joyful. One thing that I did notice when I did the practice though, is how… Read more »