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Blog Post 2: Food Security in the Age of Acceleration

The 21st century has and will continue to challenge human civilization with increasingly unprecedented threats of a wide variety. Threats that come from increased probability of great power conflict and the destabilizing potential of AI are among these, however, the most prescient long-term danger to societies across the globe comes from the vulnerability of food and water systems. The latter… Read more »

How It All Connects

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Something I am now continually reminding myself about is the importance of context, and questioning how it all fits together. When you’re trying to determine whether something belongs in a system, you cannot simply think about it as a singular object. Rather, one must consider everything that connects—what flows in and out, how are different parts linked? Why are they… Read more »

Regulatory Bipartisanship

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My primary takeaway from the course material this week was a greater understanding of the special interests and their interrelationships which have profoundly affected the American diet. The term “revolving door” comes to mind, interestingly so, as this term generally evokes images of the way industries such as finance and energy profoundly influence policymaking. In this case, however, the part… Read more »

Waking up to individualization

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Since I have the good fortune to have found a strong WiFi connection, I’ll take this opportunity to occupy my Professor’s Corner. Reading through your first week’s takeaways, I see that many of you are asking a central question: once we start waking up to problems with the food system, what do we do? The tempting answer is to change… Read more »

Welcome to our course blog!

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This course address these questions and more: Where does our food come from? What are the social, political, environmental, and  public health roots and consequences of the industrialized world food system? Who wins and who loses? What are the trends? To what extent are non-state actors altering the world political system? How is climate change likely to impact the world… Read more »