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Russia and Eastern Europe

Please note that inclusion in this directory is voluntary and this is therefore not necessarily an exhaustive list of all graduate students in our program.

Name Email Address* Status in Program
Scott Brown comrade Doctoral Candidate
At present I am researching my dissertation with the working (but not final) title of "Springtime for Dubcek and Slovakia." In it I trace the reemergence of Slovak nationalism during the 1960s, and how the reassertion of Slovaks as nation in both official and unofficial circles intersected with de-Stalinization, reform and liberalization in Slovakia over the course of the decade, cresting during the inaptly named Prague Spring of 1968, and with the federalization of Czechoslovakia in the wake of the Soviet invasion. Beyond my dissertation, I am interested more generally in upheavals and revolutions in Central and Eastern Europe, nationalism and communism.
Amanda Swain ajswain PhD Student
My primary interest is in 20th century Baltic history with a specialization in Lithuania. My additional fields are 20th century Russia/Soviet Union, East Central Europe and European Cultural History. My research interests include museums and public history activities, as well as national identity formation, accommodation and opposition in Soviet Lithuania.

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