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United States

Please note that inclusion in this directory is voluntary and this is therefore not necessarily an exhaustive list of all graduate students in our program.

Name Email Address* Status in Program
Joseph Bernardo joeber PhD Student
Post-1965 Filipino American Political Participation and Nationalism
Xi Chen xch PhD Student
My primary area of study is 19th Century US social and cultural history. I am particularly interested in such topics as evangelism, child-rearing, diet and regimen, etc. I am also interested in Chinese popular culture in the early republican period.
Christopher Herbert cherbert Doctoral Candidate
My interests lie in race, gender, and transnational history.
My current research is an analysis of the creation of race in the gold rushes of California and British Columbia.
Fields: US West with John Findlay; Native American History with Alexandra Harmon; 19th C US with Tracy McKenzie; Modern China with Madeleine Yue Dong.
David Eric Jessup jessdave Doctoral Candidate
My dissertation follows the development of the transatlantic Swedish Baptist movement through the life of evangelist Fredrik Olaus Nilsson (1809-1881). It considers the role of the Baptists in pioneering religious freedom in Sweden, and the expression of that freedom among immigrant Swedish Baptists in the United States. I have additional research interests in the history of Alaska, the circumpolar north and Canadian-American relations.
Jessica Lee jalee Doctoral Candidate
My primary focus is 20th-century US history, with emphasis on women's involvement in activism and social protest. I'm currently at work on my dissertation, which examines the connections between academia and radical feminist thought production in 1960s and 1970s America. My other interests include comparative gender history, black radicalism, American imperialism, and feminist political theory.
Wendi A. L. Willeford walw Doctoral Candidate
I am a fourth year graduate student beginning work on my dissertation, a study of native and newcomer death practices in the eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Pacific Northwest. My exam fields included in the North American West, Latin America, 19th-Century America and Public History. I have a broader interest in the Pacific Northwest, disease, death, cemeteries, overland migration, museum work, preservation, and oral histories.

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