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George K. Behlmer


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George K. Behlmer
Professor: Modern Britain, Social History of the Family, History of Medicine


Ph.D. Stanford University, 1977.

Selected Bibliography

Friends of the Family: The English Home and its Guardians, 1850-1940. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1998.

"Summary Justice and Working-Class Marriage in England, 1870-1940." Law and History Review 12 (Fall 1994). Surrency Prize Winner.

"Theory and Anti-theory in Nineteenth-Century British Social History." Journal of British Studies 26 (January 1987).

"The Gypsy Problem in Victorian England." Victorian Studies 28 (Winter 1985).

*Child Abuse and Moral Reform in England, 1870-1908. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1982.

*Winner of the Pacific Coast AHA prize for best first book

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