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Career Development

Career Development

We have many opportunities for career development in the Psychiatry Residency , so you can find the best fit for your future career in psychiatry. Each resident will have a faculty advisor who is available to support their development and offer guidance around career options. Additionally we have many programs offered to take advantage of our diversity of faculty mentors and explore potential career pathways and fellowships.

Career Enrichment Pathways: We currently have several Career Enrichment Pathways which are resident faculty lead interest groups

  • Advanced Psychotherapy Pathway
  • Addictions Psychiatry Pathway
  • Community Leadership Pathway and Interest Group
  • Global Mental Health/Cultural Psychiatry Pathway
  • Integrated Care Pathway
  • Perinatal Psychiatry Pathway
  • Research Pathway
  • Teacher Scholar Pathway and Interest Group

For more information about the Career Enrichment Pathways please visit here: Career Enrichment Pathways

Program Strengths: We also have several areas where we provide more in depth training opportunities



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