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Resident Life: Salary and Benefits


Salary levels are established annually by the University of Washington President and Board of Regents.  The 2022-2023 stipends for all residents in University of Washington residency programs are:

  • R1            $69,660
  • R2            $72,132
  • R3            $74,868
  • R4            $77,808
  • R5            $80,892
  • R6            $84,420


Residents are given 28 days of paid vacation per year, 20 business days and 8 weekend days.  Vacation time is pro-rated if a resident works less than full time.  Vacation time need not be taken all at once, and expires at the end of each training year. 

Sick Leave

Residents are given 17 days of paid sick leave per 12 months, 12 business days and 5 weekend days.  Sick leave is pro-rated if a resident works less than full time.  Sick leave accumulates across years while in a UWSOM residency or fellowship, but is not compensable at the end of your program.

Leave of Absence

Residents may take leaves of absence in accordance with Graduate Medical Education policies and psychiatry program specific requirements

Education Leave and Education Funds

Residents are given up to 10 days of education leave per year for attending educational events which must be approved by the residency director.  Residents also are given $450 per year in education allowance, which may be used to purchase textbooks and other educational materials, or to offset the cost of conferences. 

Fringe Benefits

Medical and Dental

Residents may choose from 5 medical insurance plans and share the premiums with the university.  Residents may also choose from 3 dental insurance plans for which the university pays the entire premium. 

Other Insurance

Residents are provided $25,000 of term life insurance.  They may also enroll in optional additional life, accidental death and dismemberment, and disability insurance that the resident may purchase.

Retirement Plans

The UW Retirement Plan is a fully portable, tax-deferred, defined contribution plan.  Employee contribution is based on age and is matched 100% by the university.  You may enroll at the date of appointment, but will be automatically enrolled two years from the date of appointment.  Additional tax-deferred retirement savings can be deducted through the Voluntary Investment Program, a 403(b) program.  VIP contributions are not matched.

Other Benefits

Include flexible spending accounts, library services, on-line services, and the intramural activities building.  For more information about benefits for UW residents, please see Benefits Summary for Residents & Fellows or the UW Benefits & Work/Life page.

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