Particle Theory Group Members

Particle Theory Group Members

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Andreas Karch (Ph.D. 1998, Humboldt Univ.) recent papers, home page
String theory and its applications to hadronic physics.

Ann E. Nelson (Ph.D. 1984, Harvard) recent papers, home page
Phenomenology of theories describing new physics beyond the standard model, with applications to cosmology and particle physics. Neutrinos and dark energy.

Stephen R. Sharpe (Ph.D. 1983, UC Berkeley) recent papers, home page
Lattice gauge theory and non-perturbative QCD, including chiral perturbation theory for lattice QCD, weak matrix elements, improved actions.

Laurence G. Yaffe (Ph.D. 1980, Princeton) recent papers, home page
Non-perturbative field theory, including large N gauge theories and dynamics of high temperature gauge theories.

Adjunct, Emeritus and Visiting Faculty

Stephen D. Ellis (Ph.D. 1971, Caltech) recent papers, home page
Perturbative quantum chromodynamics and collider phenomenology.

Marshall Baker (Ph.D. 1958, Harvard) recent papers, home page
Effective string models and confinement of quarks.

Jeffrey Mandula recent papers
Lattice gauge theories, non-perturbative QFT.

Weonjong Lee recent papers
Lattice gauge theory.


Gilly Elor (Ph.D. 2013, UC Berkeley) recent papers
Beyond the Standard Model physics, cosmology and dark matter,
supersymmetry, LHC physics

Yoshiki Sato (Ph.D. 2016, Kyoto University) recent papers,
AdS/CFT, entanglement.

Michael Spillane (Ph.D. 2016, Stony Brook University) recent papers,
AdS/CFT and hydrodynamics.

Graduate Students

Kyle Aitken, recent papers
Strongly coupled and non-perturbative QFT

Andrew Baumgartner, recent papers
AdS/CFT, hydrodynamics, field theory dualities.

Dake Zhou, recent papers
Dark matter.

Related Faculty

Numerous other faculty and postdocs at the UW share interests and often collaborate with members of the particle theory group. Among these are:

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