Q Center


  • Be welcoming, create community, and make friends!
  • Affirm and respect the feelings, experiences, and backgrounds of others.
  • Maintain confidentiality online and outside of the Q Center about others’ stories and identities.
  • Practice forgiveness of others and personal accountability; remember this is a space of learning and growth for everyone, including the staff.
  • Help take care of the space! Be mindful that this is a shared space and keep it clean.
  • Help make the space accessible for everyone–be fragrance free. For more info click here
  • Leave room for mobility aids, and ask consent for physical touch.

WiFi Policy

wifi symbol

While the Q Center does provide students with free WiFi access, it is password protected to maintain the safety and privacy of computers and students in the space.

Please refrain from distributing viruses, trojan horses, worms, or any other items of destructive nature, violating intellectual property rights, hacking, spamming, and/or invading the privacy of our users while using our free WiFi.


It is never rude to ask for someone’s pronoun or signifier. Please respect people’s identities and expressions.

Fragrance Free Zone

Image of young person holding their nose. Text says: Your Perfume Stinks: 95% of chemicals used in fragrances are synthetic compounds derived from petroleum. They include benzene derivatives, aldehydes and many other known toxics and sensitizers--capable of causing cancer, central nervous system disorders and allergic reactions. Citation
Artist: billie rain (billierain.com)

In consideration of those who are sensitive to the chemicals or fragrances, our space has been declared a fragrance free zone.  This policy will help to ensure that our space is accessible and available to all members of our community–including those who have Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) or chemical injury.

Please refrain from wearing or spraying chemicals such as perfumes or cologne in this area. If you are in the space and are not fragrance free, you will be kindly asked to remove your scents OR to come back to the space once you are fragrance free.

For more information on being fragrance free and MCS accessibility, please check out the following resources:


Fragrance Free Femme of Colour Realness Draft 1.5

Why go fragrance free?

How to be fragrance free

List of safe products