Q Center
Perceptions of Safety & LGBTQ Recreation on Public Lands The goal of this research is to begin to substantiate whether recreation and visitation on and mutual investment in public lands by LGBTQ-identifying people is reduced by personal and/or collective perceptions of (un)safety on or in proximity to these particular landscapes.
Trans Research Survey This research’s goal is to find out what resources universities offer for transgender students on college campuses. The Feminist Majority Foundation’s survey to measure these resources is 10 questions long and includes questions about trans*-specific programming at the university and trans-supportive health care through the university.
Tobacco-Related Health Disparities Research Group This project’s aim is to develop a web-based smoking cessation program for young adults (ages 18-30) who identify as LGBTQ+. They follow a user-centered design process, meaning that we involve the people who they hope would eventually use the program very early on to get their ideas about what would be useful and also to get reactions to our ideas about program content and appearance. If they’re eligible, what they’d be doing is coming to Fred Hutch for ~1 hour and meeting with our user experience researcher to give feedback about the program. They offer $50 to thank you for your time.
If you’d like your research opportunity listed on this page, please email qcenter@uw.edu