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Hi all! As the Audio Video Tech Specialist at the Q Center, I am working on an initial video project illustrating the broad scope of the queer experience & community and highlighting the unique perspectives of LGBTQ+ voices, and I would love y’all’s help with this. 

To my Q’munnity out there, what does being queer look like to you? What does it mean, how does it feel? If you are interested in participating in the video, please send in a short clip (around 15-30 seconds) that captures the queer experience through your eyes. This clip can stay completely open to your interpretation, but some ideas can be through words, outfits, interactions, interests/hobbies, phrases, you and your partner, friend groups, music, photos, role models, etc. PLEASE RECORD THE VIDEO LANDSCAPE (HORIZONTAL)

Thank you so much for participating and engaging in the Q’munnity! Please contact Allison Young (amyoung2@uw.edu) if you have any questions or issues with uploading your video.

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