Intramural Activities Building (IMA)

Universal Locker Room Facility

The Q Center and the IMA staff invite you to enjoy the exercise, sports, and fitness opportunities available to students, faculty, and staff members at the University of Washington.

That said, the Q Center recognizes that navigating the IMA as a queer/trans*/gender-variant person can be complex, as well as potentially physically and emotionally difficult. The IMA’s current gendered locker rooms can present barriers to some in our community wanting to enjoy UW’s sports, fitness, and exercise opportunities.

As such, the Department of Recreational Sports Programs (RSP), working with the Q Center, renovated a private, accessible, and gender-neutral single occupancy locker room.  The IMA is excited to offer this new and unique space for our student and faculty/staff member use. This facility is on the first floor adjacent and accessible to the IMA pool.

  • The locker room is intended to provide a private, accessible, and gender neutral single occupancy locker room.
  • The locker room is equipped with restroom facilities, shower stall, and lockers.
  • Locker and towel service is available at the Equipment Issue Window, near the entrance to the Men’s Locker Room.
  • The locker room provides direct access to the IMA Swimming Pool.

The IMA is located at 3924 Montlake Blvd NE, north of Husky Stadium and south of parking lot E1.