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If you own a Washington State driver’s license, you may change your sex designation by filling out the first section of Driver License or ID Card Change of Gender Designation Request. The “Physician” section can be filled out by:

“A licensed medical physician, internist, endocrinologist, gynecologist, urologist, osteopathic physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, or a Washington State licensed naturopathic physician, advanced registered nurse practitioner, physician assistant, or certified osteopathic physician assistant familiar with your treatment.”

For more information, you may also visit the Washington State Department of Licensing website. Once your request has been approved, you have to visit a DOL branch and pay the $10 fee in order to have your sex designation changed.

The “Transgender Guide” booklet published by American Civil Liberties Union of Washington State is a great resources for more information related to laws applicable to transgender individuals.

If you have concerns about changing your name and sex designation (M/F) on your UW records and other legal documents, or have any questions with regard to this matter–the Q Center wants to support you!