Q Center

Interested in a Queer Mentoring Program at the UW?!

The Q Center is connecting UW students (mentees) who are exploring their sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression with queer UW students, staff, faculty, and alumni (mentors) who have been there, can relate to, and have tips for living a happy and fulfilling life.

Why join?

The Queer Mentoring Program provides a safe, affirming, and exciting environment in which a mentee’s sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression is supported and celebrated by an educated and experienced mentor.

Through this program, you can expect to:

  • Get matched one-on-one with someone based on your shared identities and interests
  • Meet with your mentor/mentee twice a month and explore the joys, challenges, concerns, and questions about coming out, exploring their queer identity, and much more
  • Attend campus and community events, and help to build your queer community

*Note for Summer Quarter: The Queer Mentoring Program still accepts applications, however responses will be sent starting from the beginning of the upcoming school year

To get started:

Applications for the Fall 2020 Queer Mentor Program are now open!

Apply to be a Mentor: https://bit.ly/3cqDz1U

Apply to be a Mentee: https://bit.ly/363G3Sx

Applications close on Friday, October 16th

These questions will help our Mentor Program Coordinator match Mentors with Mentees and will only be seen by our Mentor Program Coordinator. For questions, comments, or concerns about your application, please contact us at qcenter@uw.edu