Multicultural Outreach & Recruitment

We provide programs and opportunities to attract, prepare, and increase the number of racially and ethnically underrepresented students who successfully matriculate at the University.

Beyond your test scores and GPA, you were chosen because you can embody what it means to be a Husky. We believe that you can help create a world of good. And wherever you want to go in life, we’re here to help you get there.

MOR offers group visitations which provide a great introduction to the University of Washington, highlighting the collective services offered by the Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity (OMA&D), while MOR Student Ambassadors share their experience of being UW students.

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Shades of purpleShades of Purple

Shades of Purple was created to encourage underrepresented minority students to pursue higher education as well as to give them the opportunity to experience the UW. Participants will attend workshops to prepare them for the UW admissions process, meet future classmates, learn about campus programs, and much more.
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