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Polynesian Day

“Unite, Maintain, Uplift”

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Event Date

Friday May 5, 2017

Target Group

Pacific Islander High School Students
8AM – 3PM


“Poly Day” as it is commonly known, is a celebration of the Polynesian culture hosted by the Polynesian Student Alliance at the University of Washington. This popular event showcases authentic Polynesian and Pacific Islander (P.I.) music, dance and regalia from the islands right at the heart of the UW campus. There will be workshops for high school students that will cover the university admissions process, keynote speakers, Polynesian history and more! Around noon, the members of PSA will host the signature celebration of “PolyDay,” in honor of their heritage, on Red Square for all to attend. This annual event aims to voice the presence of a lively and active P.I. community on campus and motivate younger generations of P.I.’s to pursue higher education at the UW.

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Note: The online application requires that you send in a signed copy (form attached on the online application) of the liability/permission form. You do not need to submit both an online and a paper application. Please submit only one or the other.

Group Registration


Mail, Email, or Fax registration materials to:
Helen P. Tupufia Enguerra
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