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The Purple & Gold Experience

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Newly admitted students to the University of Washington (UW) in Seattle, along with their parents and others within the student’s academic network, are invited to discover all the UW has to offer through the 2017 Purple & Gold Experience. Participants will learn about programs that promote success both in and out of the classroom, interact with current UW students, and have opportunities to find out about academic majors, support services, and social/cultural happenings on campus.  There is definitely an abundance to see at the UW, and this event will give students and their families a glimpse into why the UW is a world premier university.


2018 Purple & Gold Application

Conference Dates

  • Saturday, April 7th 

  • Friday, April 13th

  • Friday, April 20th


Event Agendas 

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Once again, congratulations on your admission and we look forward to seeing you at Purple & Gold. The Multicultural Outreach & Recruitment team and the University of Washington extend special thanks to our generous sponsors, whose underwriting support makes our campaign launch experiences on Oct. 21st and throughout the academic year possible.