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SRF100 - Student Schedule Inquiry

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               S T U D E N T   S C H E D U L E   I N Q U I R Y              *F*
XXXXXXX 000429224 XXX-00-XXXX
XXXXXXX,XXXXXXX                          01/01/1901 __
QTR/YEAR: SUM/1998  REGISTERED                                          MEMO
SP PGM:                       SPORTS:  -       -       -
MAJORS:  E-B A   -00-12      -      -  -        -      -  -   ANNUAL DROP USED 

SLN  COURSE    TRM   TYP TITLE              CRED  SYS DAYS   TIME       ROOM      FA
02740 MKTG   335   A      PRIN OF SELLING     4.0      M W    0110-0320 BLM  209
02741 MKTG   340 A A      ADVERTISING         4.0      MTWTH  0940-1150 BLM  214    
02742 MKTG   370 B A      RETAILING           4.0      MTWTH  1050-0100 BLM  417    







Instructions for screen SRF100

The primary use of this screen is for any department to look at a student's FULL schedule for a quarter, including all course meeting times and the location of each course. The screen only displays courses in which a student is currently registered. It does not show a record of courses that were dropped or canceled.

The student's status for the quarter is displayed to the right of the quarter. i.e. Registered, Canceled for Non-Payment, Canceled for Low Scholarship or Withdrawn. If a student's status says Registered, the courses are displayed on the screen. If a student's status is anything but Registered, there will be no courses displayed on the screen.

TRM: During summer quarter, there are two terms, A and B. If a course is offered for only A Term or B term, it is noted in this column. If there is nothing displayed immediately below the TRM column, the course is a Full Term course. The Section letter of the course is displayed immediately to the right of the TRM column.

TYP: If a student is registered for a course that is part of a Self-Sustaining Program (i.e. UWEO, EDGE, Engineering Co-op, Law T), an "S" will be displayed in this column. This is important in registering a student because there are usually special fees attached to these courses. For example, if the Registration Office drops and adds a self-sustaining course to help a student, extra fees may be added to the student's account. For this reason, self-sustaining courses are usually added, dropped or changed on a student's schedule by the specific program.

SYS: The grading status of the course is displayed in this column. For example, SNS, CNC, or AUD.

DAYS, TIME, RM: These fields indicate the days a course meets, the time, and the building and room.

FA: This field indicates if a course is ineligible for Financial Aid.

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