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Relational Poverty Research by RPN Members

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Unjust Conditions: Women’s Work and the Hidden Cost of Cash Transfer Programs

July 10

Author: Tara Cookson, Director, Ladysmith Ventures Unjust Conditions: Women's Work and the Hidden Cost of Cash Transfer Programs, follows the...

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Rural Women and the Uneven Process of Inclusion

September 17

Tara Cookson, University of Cambridge, Department of Geography Conditional cash transfers (CCTs) have become the world’s most popular tools for...

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Working Lives: Millennial Women & Work

May 9

Nancy Worth - McMaster University - School of Geography and Earth Sciences This project examines work and the impact of work on social life with a...

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Connecting for survival: Understanding the spatial implications of migrant women’s survival strategies in two cities

November 21

Colleen Hammelman, Geography and Urban Studies, Temple University Women worldwide carry out survival strategies that rely on connecting to...

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