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The STF Technology Loan Program

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“A program for students, run by students, that allows students to borrow technology for free.”

About the Program

The STF Technology Loan Program is a student-run subsidiary of Classroom Technologies and Events which aims to provide students with various forms of technology they may not otherwise have the opportunity to utilize. This equipment ranges from laptop computers, to DSLR cameras, to projectors and projector screens, and a wide variety of video, and audio recording devices. There is no cost associated with renting any equipment, as all funds are provided by the student technology fee. The staff strive to provide flexible renting options and work with the students to meet their technological needs. In sum, STF seeks to enhance UW student’s learning experience by enabling them to become fluent in media usage, allowing them to generate more creative content and projects, while better preparing them to be attractive candidates in the workforce after graduation.

Hours of Operation: 8AM-5PM Monday-Friday

Locations: Basement of Kane Hall 035, Health Sciences Center I-Wing 146

Number of Student’s Served: 14,000 students since 2011