Alumni Profiles
Haena Kim (Ph.D., Civil & Environmental Engineering, Transportation Focus '20)

Haena Kim graduated in 2020 with a Ph.D. in Science in Civil Engineering, Transportation Track. As a student she served as a research assistant in both the Urban Freight Lab and the Human Factors and Statistical Modeling Lab, and coordinated the SCTL Student Research Group.

Polina Butrina (MS, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Transportation Focus '18)

Polina Butrina served as a teaching assistant and research assistant while completing her Master of Science in Civil & Environmental Engineering (focus on Transportation). She now works as a Data Analyst at the Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC).

Edwin Quezada (Master of Supply Chain Transportation & Logistics '18)

Edwin Quezada (MSCTL '18) found that the tools and concepts he was learning in the Master of Supply Chain Transportation & Logistics program could be directly and immediately applied to his job, with powerful results. He researched, introduced, and implemented software to control the company’s inventory, redesigned his company’s warehouse to improve the overall flow of materials, and reduced inventory flow for the three top SKUs (stock keeping units) that make up 80% of sales.

Kelly Pitera (Ph.D., Civil & Environmental Engineering, Transportation Focus '12)

Kelly Pitera is an Associate Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). She participated in the Valle Exchange program to Norway as a UW graduate student, which ultimately sparked her interest in living abroad. She's an outdoor enthusiast who researches road design and issues related to transport, mobility, and infrastructure in urban areas.

Derik Andreoli (MA, Geography, Focus on Economic Global Trade & Transportation Logistics '11)

Derik is the Director of Economic Research and Forecasting at Mercator International headquarters in Kirkland, Washington. As a graduate student in Geography, he pursued interdisciplinary research in freight transportation with Dr. Anne Goodchild in Civil & Environmental Engineering. His advice to students is to engage in the interactive process of building a knowledge community with peers and faculty. 

Matthew Klein (MS, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Transportation Focus '10)

Matt credits his UW research experience and his participation in the Presidential Management Fellowship program as the launching point for his career in transportation policy. He applies his expertise to his current role as Policy Manager for the Federal Aviation Administration in Washington, D.C.