Vision & Mission

Our Vision

We will be known as a world leader in supply chain, transportation and logistics research and education to serve the powerful nexus of industry, transportation infrastructure agencies, and policy makers. 

Our Mission

To support the advancement of supply chain, transportation and logistics practices.

Our Core Values

In education, research, and service, we value:

  • Focusing on customers
  • Working beyond boundaries 
  • Objectivity backed up with data, courage and persistence

Research Partner Benefits

  • Engineering solutions to high-impact freight system problems 
  • Test pilot research projects in the real-world SCTL Urban Goods Delivery Lab
  • Networking and educational events with executives, entrepreneurs and experts
  • Guide SCTL Center research priorities
  • Access to experts

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Student Benefits

  • Education through undergraduate and graduate transportation programs
  • Build a professional network
  • Engage in and learn from advanced research

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