The SCTL Center is anchored in engineering and focused on business results. The Center’s membership levels provide new capacity for the University of Washington to engage with firms in applied research projects at the forefront of goods delivery system management. The SCTL Center provides value to partners at three levels:

1. The SCTL Executive Forum is for senior executives and those moving into leadership positions who intend to turn their company’s supply chain, transportation and logistics decisions into competitive advantage. The Executive Forum provides members access to cutting edge research in advanced supply chain, transportation and logistics practices, and a strong network of like-minded leaders.

2. Members of the Urban Freight Lab at the Center take part in applied research projects to improve the operations of urban goods delivery systems. They also help the Center identify priority problems for future research. The Urban Freight Lab is a new living laboratory comprised of:

  • Retailers;
  • Truck freight carriers and parcel companies;
  • Technology companies supporting transportation and logistics;
  • Multifamily residential and retail/commercial building developers and operators; and
  • The City of Seattle Department of Transportation.

Members of the Urban Freight Lab receive all benefits associated with membership in the SCTL Center ‘NETWORK’ at no additional cost.

3. Members of the Executive Council at the SCTL Center may engage the Center in applied research for company-specific problems, as well as high-priority problems of common interest to a group of Executive Council members. SCTL principals lead graduate student teams to complete these research projects. 

Members of the Executive Council also receive all benefits associated with membership in the Urban Freight Lab and the SCTL NETWORK at no additional cost.

How can I join?

For more information and to become a corporate member of the SCTL Center, please contact SCTL Center Chief Operating Officer Barb Ivanov at