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Urban Freight Lab Awarded $2M Federal Grant for Curb Digitization

Urban Freight Lab

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Strengthening Mobility and Revolutionizing Transportation (SMART) program has awarded a $2 million grant to a cross-sectoral team comprised of the Urban Freight Lab and Open Mobility Foundation, and led by the Seattle Department of Transportation.

New Report: Online Shopping and Travel Behaviors in West Seattle

In March 2020, the West Seattle High Bridge, the main connection between the peninsula and the rest of the city, was closed to traffic due to its increased rate of structural deterioration. Photo by Urban Freight Lab.
Urban Freight Lab

March 15, 2023 — Urban Freight Lab researchers have published a new report on analyzing consumer shopping behavior (both online and in-person) and decision-making of West Seattle residents during the closure and structural repair of the High Bridge, which connects the West Seattle peninsula and the rest of the city.

Do Parcel Lockers Reduce Delivery Times? New Urban Freight Lab Paper Says Yes

Urban Freight Lab

March 17, 2023 — New Urban Freight Lab paper "Do Parcel Lockers Reduce Delivery Times? Evidence from the Field" published in Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review shows that using lockers for parcel delivery can decrease in-building delivery time by a significant 50-60%.

Urban Freight Lab Maps Private Freight Facilities in Seattle

There are 338 private loading bays and docks in Seattle's urban core. Nearly 90% of Seattle's Center City buildings reply solely on deliveries from curb and alley load and unload spaces. Photo by Urban Freight Lab.
Urban Freight Lab

March 9, 2023 — Urban Freight Lab researchers have published a new report on Supporting Comprehensive Urban Freight Planning by Mapping Private Load and Unload Facilities — the first urban inventory of private load and unload infrastructure and a demonstrated valuable resource for the City of Seattle to better understand and plan for the urban freight system.

Urban Freight Lab Cited as a Model for Stakeholder Engagement

Urban Freight Lab

December 21, 2022 — The Urban Freight Lab is cited as a model for stakeholder engagement in New York City's Delivering the Goods: NYC Urban Freight in the Age of Ecommerce, authored by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Freight and Logistics Working Group as a blueprint for an efficient, equitable, and sustainable goods movement system that benefits the entire city.