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SCTL awarded $1.5 million for Final 50 Feet research

SCTL researchers will develop technology to inform delivery drivers about parking availability in Seattle.

The Supply Chain Transportation & Logistics Center has been awarded a $1.5 million grant from U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) for research to support advanced vehicle technologies in the Final 50 Feet.

Eno Center for Transportation Webinar on the Final 50 Feet

Eno Center for Transportation

We partnered with Eno Center for Transportation to present a webinar on "The Final 50 Feet: Challenges and Opportunities in Urban Freight." Watch the video.

Barb Ivanov, Eno Center present The Final 50 Feet


When it comes to freight transportation, much attention is paid to the last mile of a delivery. But what about the last 50 feet? Eno Center for Transportation invited Urban Freight Lab Director Barb Ivanov to deliver a guest webinar on innovations in the Final 50 Feet.

Improving transport with technology


From Fjørd to Fish Market: Norwegian ocean-farmed sushi-grade fish is in high demand—if served within 36 hours of catch. UW students travel to Norway to design innovative solutions to make fish transport faster and more predictable.

SCTL Ranks #13 Best Online Master's Degree