SCTL Past Events

Below are selected public events from our Trumba calendar feed. To view all of our events, please see our full Trumba events page or click on the calendar at right.

2019 BOMA International Conference & Expo

When: June 22-25, 2019
Where: Salt Palace Convention Center & Marriott Downtown City Creek, Salt Lake City, UT

Building and Managers Association (BOMA) presents its 2019 International Conference and Expo. Barbara Ivanov will share research in the Final 50 Feet research program.

Master of Supply Chain Transportation & Logistics '19 Graduation Reception

When: June 16, 2019; 3:30-5:00 p.m
Where: UW Club, Cascade Room

Join us for a reception to celebrate our newest graduates -- the Master of Supply Chain Transportation & Logistics class of 2019!

Research Seminar: Innovating Urban Freight

Urban at UW's interdisciplinary urban research seminar series presents Anne Goodchild speaking on "Innovating Urban Freight."

When: 4:30 p.m., Tuesday, June 11, 2019
Where: Communications Building (CMU) 202, UW Seattle campus  

Supply Chain Transportation & Logistics Research Group Meeting

When: May 31, 2019; 3:30 - 4:30 p.m.
​Where: Wilcox Hall, University of Washington Seattle campus

UW graduate and undergraduate students interested in joining a Supply Chain Transportation & Logistics Center research project are invited to attend a Research Group (RG) meeting as the first step.

Please contact meeting coordinator Haena Kim ( if you would like to attend a RG meeting. 

15th World Conference on Transport Research

What: 15th World Conference on Transport Research 
When: May 26-31, 2019
Where: Mumbai, India

The 15th World Conference on Transport Research conference aims to bring together academics, practitioners, managers, and policymakers from all parts of the world, to share cutting-edge research and advanced state-of-practice. The conference also includes special sessions, technical tours, an exhibition and social events. This knowledge event provides a unique opportunity for experts to exchange ideas in all areas of transport research.

To facilitate the interchange of ideas between researchers working in the same area, WCTR has structured the topics into nine categories with a total of 35 session tracks. For many session tracks a close cooperation with partner journals is announced (with more to follow shortly), so that the best papers from the review track are expected to be published in leading peer-reviewed transportation journals after the Conference.

Conference topics are as follows:

A. Transport Modes: General

A1 Air Transport and Airports

A2 Maritime Transport and Ports

A3 Rail Transport

A4 Road Transport - General

B. Freight Transport and Logistics

B1 Logistics and Supply Chain Management

B2 Humanitarian Logistics in Disasters

B3 Intermodal Freight Transport

B4 Urban Goods Movement

B5 Freight Transport Modeling

C. Traffic Management, Operations, and Safety

C1 Traffic Theory and Modelling

C2 Urban Transport Operations

C3 Intelligent Transport Systems

C4 Traffic Safety Analysis and Policy

D. Activity and Transport Demand

D1 Data Collection and Processing Methods

D2 Travel Behaviour and Choice Modeling

D3 Applications of Travel Behaviour Analysis and Demand Modeling Approaches

D4 ICT, Activities, Time Use and Travel Demand

E. Transport Economics and Finance

E1 Transport System Analysis and Economic Evaluation

E2 Transport Pricing and Economic Regulation

F. Transport, Land Use, and Sustainability

F1 Transport and Spatial Development

F2 Transport, Climate Change, and Clean Air

F3 Smart Transport, Smart City, and Quality of Life

F4 Livability and Non-Motorized Transport

F5 Transport Noise and Vibration Control

G. Transport Planning and Policy

G1 Governance and Decision-making Processes

G2 National and Regional Transport Planning and Policy

G3 Urban Transport Planning and Policy

G4 Cultural and Social Issues in Transport

G5 Disaster Resilience in Transport

G6 Health Impacts of Transport

H. Transport in Developing and Emerging Countries

H1 Transport Policy, Planning, and Financing in Developing Countries

H2 Infrastructure Operation and Traffic Management in Developing Countries

H5 Urban Transport in Developing Countries

I. Infrastructure Design and Maintenance

I1 Highway Design and Materials

I2 Infrastructure Management