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We Applied for a $2 Million Federal Grant for Data-Driven Curb Space Management

A commercial vehicle parked at Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle. Photo by SDOT.
Seattle Department of Transportation
November 25, 2022

“The UW Urban Freight Lab is thrilled to be a partner in this important grant proposal. We look forward to working closely with SDOT, the Open Mobility Foundation, the freight community, and local businesses to help advance real-world research and optimize freight mobility in Seattle.” – Kelly Rula, Director, Policy and Partnerships, UW Urban Freight Lab

How To Shop Online and Be Kinder to the Planet

The Washington Post
November 25, 2022


Anne Goodchild, a University of Washington professor who studies the climate emissions of transportation, offers some guidance for planet-conscious shopping.

3rd Annual Transportation Management Program (TMP) Seminar Recap

Commute Seattle
November 22, 2022

By Madeline Feig

With all the transportation improvements that have been going on in Seattle, properties and buildings now have more resources than ever to make their buildings as accessible as possible. Our third annual Transportation Management Program (TMP) Seminar covered exactly that; how to leverage these transportation improvements and what they can expect in the next few months from upcoming transportation impacts in Seattle.

High-Priority Health Care May Be Where Drone Delivery Is Headed

Photo by Shutterstock.
October 25, 2022

The development of new forms of package delivery is naturally part of the conversation around autonomous trucking and even curb management and the kinds of solutions needed for “the final 50 feet of delivery,” as Kelly Rula, director of policy and partnerships at the Urban Freight Lab described it.

How Getting Dog Food Delivered To Your Door Explains The Inefficient, Sometimes Absurd, Extremely Convenient Way Online Orders Are Shipped

The ways to ship a bag of dog food, or anything else, are so numerous and varied that an industry of software companies exists just to help chart those paths. Photo by Crystal Cox for Insider.
Business Insider
October 19, 2022

"E-commerce occupies much more space in warehouses than store-based shopping" because online retailers carry more items, Anne Goodchild, who runs the Supply Chain Transportation and Logistics Center at the University of Washington, said.