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UPS launching cargo eBikes in downtown Seattle

Anne Goodchild talks to KIRO 7.
November 2, 2018

You’ll soon see a miniature version of the classic UPS delivery vehicles on Seattle sidewalks and bicycle lanes. 

Can Common Carrier Locker Systems Solve Urban Freight Challenges?

Eno Transportation Weekly
October 25, 2018

The Department of Energy awarded a $1.5 million grant to Seattle-based Urban Freight Lab (UFL), a project of the University of Washington’s Supply Chain Transportation & Logistics Center, to pilot test three innovations that could reduce congestion caused by commercial vehicles and make commercial load/unload zones more productive.

University Hopes to Spearhead Seattle Parcel Locker Pilot as Part of Congestion Reduction Plan

AASHTO Journal (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials)
October 19, 2018

The Urban Freight Lab at the Supply Chain Transportation and Logistics Center hope to launch a pilot program in Seattle to see if broad deployment of non-proprietary parcel lockers located in “dense public spaces” such as transit stations can help alleviate traffic congestion.

Could parcel lockers in transit stations reduce traffic congestion in Seattle?

Haena Kim, a doctoral student in the civil and environmental engineering department, led the data collection team during the pilot study at Seattle Municipal Tower in April.
UW Today
October 12, 2018

Researchers want to know if parcel lockers that aren’t owned by a specific company could alleviate traffic congestion in Seattle.

Next dimensions of routing: The imperative

September 17, 2018

Truck routing—and quite possibly advanced-level use and systems—have become a must for your fleet.