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America's addiction to absurdly fast shipping has a hidden cost

July 15, 2019

Anne Goodchild weighs in on the environmental impact of "absurdly fast shipping" for CNN Business.

This Startup Wants to Remake the Last Mile of Parcel Delivery

Boxbot vehicle
The compartments of the delivery vans are modular, so they fit packages of just about any size. BOXBOT
June 6, 2019

The multifaceted business plan is smart, says Anne Goodchild, who runs the Supply Chain Transportation and Logistics Center at the University of Washington. 

Research group to launch delivery locker pilot in downtown Seattle

Freight Waves
June 5, 2019

Pepsi Beverages is the latest company to join the Urban Freight Lab, a public-private partnership working to streamline the delivery process.

Hitting the Locker Room

Inbound Logistics
June 3, 2019

"Rethinking how to use the load/unload space is now necessary," says Barbara Ivanov.

FedEx to deliver 7 days a week to satisfy online shoppers

FedEx truck
In this March 17, 2017, photo, a FedEx driver returns to his truck in downtown Pittsburgh. FedEx plans to deliver packages seven days a week starting next January 2020 as it tries to keep up with the continuing boom in online shopping.
Associated Press
May 31, 2019

Barbara Ivanov, director of an urban-freight lab at the University of Washington, said delivery companies won’t be able to add enough trucks during peak hours in congested cities, “it’s impossible to fit them in.”