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Outside the box truck: Innovations in delivery that could change our cities

Sidewalk Talk
September 13, 2018

Researcher Anne Goodchild explains how simple ideas like lockers and cargo bikes could make our neighborhoods more livable.

Omnitracs Road Ahead on the Modern Delivery Dilemma: How to Navigate the Metropolitan Maze

Omnitracs' Road Ahead Blog
August 21, 2018

Every fleet manager is aware of the current delivery dilemma facing major cities in the U.S. In a recent Fleet Owner webinar, Anne Goodchild, director of Supply Chain Transportation and Logistics Center at the University of Washington weighed in on this issue.

Making it through the metropolitan delivery maze

August 20, 2018

With e-commerce sales of $453.5 billion in 2017, Anne Goodchild shares potential shipping and routing strategies for tackling the ever-growing e-commerce rate in metro cities.

New York Truck Stop on The Final 50 Feet: Challenges and Opportunities in Urban Freight

Ecommerce sales were $453.5 billion in 2017, up 16% from 2016.
New York Truckstop
August 13, 2018

"Ivanov’s ideas and research are a breath of fresh air."

Is this the future of the Post Office in the world of online shopping?

Canada Post
Canada Post/Promo image
August 7, 2018

Since the last mile of delivery to individual homes is the most expensive, in the future people will may go to the post office instead. Anne Goodchild comments.