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Is this the future of the Post Office in the world of online shopping?

Canada Post
Canada Post/Promo image
August 7, 2018

Since the last mile of delivery to individual homes is the most expensive, in the future people will may go to the post office instead. Anne Goodchild comments.

The Hidden Environmental Cost of Amazon Prime’s Free, Fast Shipping

Crushed up boxes
Buzzfeed News
July 21, 2018

Your Prime Day shopping spree came with free, fast shipping. Experts—including our own Anne Goodchild—weighs in on the hidden environmental cost that doesn’t show up on the checkout page.

Seattle Met's Perfect Party August 2018

Barb Ivanov
Urban Freight Lab Director Barbara Ivanov
Seattle Met Magazine
July 17, 2018

Finally, someone’s thinking outside the stolen box.

What Can Humanitarian Supply Chains Learn from the Private Sector?

Bill Keough is Managing Director, Supply Chain Transportation & Logistics Master's Program, University of Washington
Inbound Logistics
July 16, 2018

For a number of reasons, humanitarian supply chains have generally been slower than their corporate counterparts to re-engineer their global supply chains.

Fresh perspectives on salmon transport

UW-Norway students
UW-Norway students collaborate on transportation research
UW Civil & Environmental Engineering
July 16, 2018

“After 36 hours, the value of the fish plummets. It’s not considered fresh anymore,” said CEE research associate professor Ed McCormack, who helped facilitate the program. “From a cargo point of view, fresh fish is expensive and fragile and it has to move really fast.”