The Final 50 Feet

The Final 50 Feet Research Program: The Last Leg of the Urban Goods Delivery System

Research in our Final 50 Feet Research Program analyzes processes, develops potential solutions, and pilot tests operational improvements in the final leg of the urban goods delivery system. The final 50 feet begins at the city-owned curb, commercial vehicle load zone, or sidewalk; extends through privately-owned building freight bays; and may end in the common areas within a building such as the lobby. 

Several of this project’s most promising low-cost and high-value recommendations will be tested in the SCTL Urban Freight Lab – a living laboratory comprised of retailers, technology companies, goods delivery firms, building owner/operators, and cities.

Learn more about our three-year partnership with the City of Seattle Department of Transportation.

Final 50 Feet Research Projects

Final 50 Feet Publications