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Technical Report

Evaluation of Sound Transit Train Stations and Transit Oriented Development Areas for Common Carrier Locker Systems (Full Report)

Date of Publication: 2018

Authored by: Urban Freight Lab

Publication: SCTL Research


The rapid expansion of e-commerce has flooded American cities wth delivery trucks, just as those cities are experiencing booming population growth. Retailers need a more efficient, reliable, and cost-effective way to deliver goods increasingly crowded urban environments. For their part, cities like Seattle want to minimize traffic congestion, both  sustain quality of life for residents and to ensure a smooth flw of goods and services. 

Common carrier parcel lockers hold tremendous potential for streamlining the urban goods delivery system and addressing these challenges. This research study explores the viability of providing public right of way for common carrier lockers at or near transit stations in Seattle, a ground-breaking step toward improving freight delivery in the city’s fast growing urban core. 

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