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Guide for Conducting Benefit-Cost Analyses of Multimodal, Multijurisdictional Freight Corridor Investments

Date of Publication: 2017

Authored by: Sharada Vadali, C. James Kruse, Kenneth Kuhn, Anne Goodchild

Publication: NCFRP Research Report

Volume: Project NCFRP-46


This report provides a guidebook for conducting benefit-cost analyses of proposed infrastructure investments on multimodal, multijurisdictional freight corridors for public and private decision makers and other stakeholders at local, state, regional, and national levels in order to arrive at more informed investment decisions. The guidebook is a resource and a reference for multimodal freight investment benefit-cost analysis, data sources, procedures and tools for projects of different geographic scales. To help practitioners get started, the guidebook is presented in a “how to” format relying on discrete steps that are accompanied with realistic and recent examples, a fully worked out case study, checklists of dos and don’ts, and supporting worksheets.

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