Urban Freight Lab Tech Day Competition - September 12, 2017

Congratulations to Tech Day finalists CivicSmart, Hurdler Motors, Metris LiveQ, and uCella!  

Calling all innovators!  Bring your best technology to a new competition to solve city goods delivery problems!

What is Tech Day?

Tech companies and student teams compete for the opportunity for face time with senior corporate and city executives looking for real-world solutions to urban goods delivery problems.

How will Tech Day work?

4 finalists will be selected from the Tech Day submissions. The top 4 contenders get 30 minutes on Tech Day to present their innovative concept or technology solution to a panel of senior executives in the Urban Freight Lab at UW: Charlie’s Produce, Costco Wholesale, Nordstrom, UPS, and USPS; the Seattle Department of Transportation; and potential investors. 

Selected technologies will deliver a leap forward for cities and companies in the UFL to reach their goals:

  1. Improve truck parking space productivity in the city’s Commercial Vehicle Load Zones (CVLZs) and other load/unload spaces at the curb and in alleys, and freight bays in buildings in One Center City.  Cities are cutting parking to make way for bike lanes and transit: what technology will make fewer truck load/unload spaces carry the full demand?
  2. Reduce the number of failed first deliveries.  Did you know that if we can cut the number of undeliverable packages in half, we will significantly lower traffic congestion and emissions in cities, as delivery trucks could make 5% fewer trips while still completing the same number of deliveries?
  3. Reduce dwell time (the time a truck is parked in a load/unload space) in public and/or private truck spaces.

Have questions about the UFL goals? Contact Barb Ivanov, Director of the Urban Freight Lab, to discuss your questions. 

Who’s eligible to enter?        

  • Tech companies
  • Currently enrolled (at the time of the application submission) undergrad and grad students at universities and colleges in Washington State
  • Faculty at universities and colleges in Washington State

When and where do I enter?  

The application for the UFL Tech Day Competition is now closed. The deadline to apply was August 1, 2017. 

Is it a pain to enter?                

Fill out the short entry form and upload your proposed solution. You have 2 pages to make your case, and a half page to tell us who you are.

How will finalists be chosen?                        

All submissions will be reviewed by a panel of experts in urban goods delivery systems and data science. They will be looking for a great solution to 1 or more of the Urban Freight Lab’s 3 problems that is: technically feasible in 2 years, at the lowest cost, and a scalable concept.

When will I know if I'm selected as a finalist?     

We’ll announce the 4 finalists in mid-August.

When do finalists present?    

Urban Freight Lab Tech Day is Tuesday, September 12, 2017 at the UW Seattle campus. 

Will they steal my idea?        

The 4 finalists will face the competition judges one at a time: think Shark Tank, not a big audience of thieving idea stealers.

How do I win?

The finalists are the winners of Tech Day! The finalists will be announced on the UW SCTL website, social media, and potentially other news outlets. The Urban Freigh Lab may select one or more of the winning solutions to pilot test in November. 

Could I be famous?                

The Tech Day finalist solutions will be considered for use in a real-world pilot test in Seattle in November 2017. 


Selection as a finalist of Tech Day does not guarantee purchase of any product or partnership with any organization. Non-disclosure agreements will not be signed. If no student teams are selected as finalists, the $1,000 cash prize will not be awarded.