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Volume 7, No. 1-2

From The Country Where Everything is Permitted
Sophie Podolski
Translated by Joseph Kaplan and Paul Legault

 It’s necessary that one knows that there are geniuses
troubled by the fact of being - without this they’d be guilty
- the dirty habits of a physical mind - it is true, Cactus,
you underestimate yourself -1 do not. The door - the grill
- the breasts of a girl - a holy woman - must be treated
with the utmost respect when she visits the village.
Here’s the liquid in which she’s bathed her feet (liquefied
electricity, via the self-regulation of magnetism) passes
from hand to hand to its special money-container - all the
people present payment

with their right hand and drink up - it’s treated like sacred
liquid. This assistance indicates that she elevates herself
to the Rank of this and not that of a mere mortal — of all
the manifestations of respect through pollution - the most
astounding - the most frequent also consists of using the
cow’s mudpie as a cleaning product. One sometimes
says that cows are gods. Or also that thousands of gods
live. The cow’s mudpie is like all other excrement of all
other animals - intrinsically impure. She can, in fact, soil
a god - but compared to a man she is pure - THE MOST
HIS IMPURITIES - We are essentially wet nurses - I
don’t forget St. Paul on the craggy paths. One quickly
gets used to reading my writing. Time - if this is true
there is a chasm between our ancestors and us -
between us and primitive peoples - Their faith has been
found jarred - Reason and Faith definitely seem blurred -
unless uncovering a new conception of religion -
madness freed - in the army of clowns of the
metaphysical theater mid-circus - the devils - the
demons - abortionists - the monsters keep up -SPA!
SPA! SPA! SPA! SP - Vichy - Vichy - Vichy - cardinal to
the queen of the highest mountain where one looks and
one does not exist - look out for the little girl in the mirror
who will come to see you - because today she is very
beautiful - all through the night the tailor sews and
embroiders by his tin house. Free - Vice - Free Service -
Free Folly - one is defective in our countries of
education. If one wants one can stay there - one can
stay there - not MOUNTAIN NOR OCEAN CAN
QUENCH my thirst - Nathanael, where

did you put my things! The thing of the thing - the thing! -
my chest, I will kill you before yours does - one day one
will enter our house saying you laugh very wisely - but a
little too hard - before too long someone will give you the
straitjacket - but you don’t laugh in your brain. My little
girl, one day you are going to break your little trap.
Judge ye not where ye can’t do anything. While one
sodomizes me. - as one sodomizes me - me is who I
obsess over - it’s cowardice - that’s why I’m always
envious of ice cream - of joints - of candy - and that’s
why I can take a break from making firemen into
gentlemen who have balls that are not too traumatized -
nor conditioned in a way to do that - the work barely
begins - all the cum spreads everywhere - or it doesn’t
stick together - or he must make beautiful joints all the
time - It is as practical as it’s perilously true - he accepts
that our actions, our beliefs are fossilized once again -
like a frozen appendage, deprived of sense - clinging to
a way of life.