In the News … in 1915

John Tylczak, who has loaned us photography exhibitions in the Forest Club Room the past two years, recently sent us a clipping from an October 15, 2015, issue of an old trade publication, the West Coast Lumberman.

At the time, the paper had decided to feature a section once a month with news and updates from the College of Forestry. This issue hosted the introductory story, which included an overview of the College and the Forest Club, as well as short blurbs about where recent graduates had found work—such as E.J. Hanzlik, Class of 1911, who was working as a forest examiner in the Olympic National Forest, or Lewis A. Treen, also Class of 1911, who was the deputy supervisor of Snoqualmie National Forest, or W.S. Cahill, Class of 1913, a timber inspector with the Port of Seattle, and a few dozen others.

The pages include a photo of Dean Hugo Winkenwerder, and also an advertisement for wire rope for logging, available through the A. Leschen & Sons Rope Company. For all the historical details, though, it’s clear that some things about our school are just as true today: “Few situations could be more advantageous for the location of a forest school than the Puget Sound region.”

Thanks for sending the clipping, John!

2016_03_West Coast Lumberman

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