New Class This Summer: Intro to Papermaking (BSE 490B)!

Coffee cups, paper bags, cardboard boxes, baby diapers. What do these things have in common? They are all made from paper, and they are all essential items in our daily lives. Even in our modern society, papermaking continues to be a vital and innovative industry. So how long has paper been around? How is paper made? Is paper sustainable? This summer, SEFS Instructor Shannon Ewanick will explore these questions and more as part of a new class, “Intro to Papermaking,” that will run during the Summer A Term from June 19 to July 17!

In this course—which requires no science or engineering background and has no prerequisites—you’ll learn about methods of papermaking (from hand to machine), raw materials (from rags to wood), environmental sustainability (from water and air pollution to energy use and recycling), and you’ll get to make your own paper on the pilot-scale paper machine in Bloedel Hall!

We’re really excited to offer this course, which will include on-campus classroom sessions twice a week, as well as weekly labs and field trips.

Learn more and sign up for a summer of hands-on, papermaking fun!

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