SEFS student featured in Crosscut story

Crosscut recently featured SEFS PhD student Clint Robins.

Clint Robins, a PhD student at the UW School of Environmental and Forest Sciences, was recently featured in Crosscut’s “I Am STEM,” a series that features diverse stories of people who work in STEM and adjacent fields in the Pacific Northwest.

Robins grew up in both Rwanda and Wisconsin. He told Crosscut that his interest in wildlife and the outdoors grew during his days in Africa. “I remember going on some game drives with my family, going to national parks, and playing with lizards in the yard,” he said.

Today, Robins’ fieldwork is focused in managed forests. His master’s degree focused on how urbanization of land affected cougars. Now he’s looking at the relationship between cougars and bears and how bears sometimes rely on cougar kills for food.

“I’m curious as to whether urbanization decouples that relationship and, instead, bears are foraging on Human Resources more,” he told the outlet. R

Read the full interview here.