Core Faculty

The program's Core Faculty serve as the primary advisors for Certificate. If you are interested in applying to the program, your first step is to meet with a Core Faculty member to discuss your interest in the program. In general, it is best to choose an advisor with expertise in the language you want to teach, but you are free to work with any Core Faculty member who agrees to be your advisor.

Paul Aoki, Affiliate Assistant Professor (Language Learning Center)
Bojan Belic, Principal Lecturer (Slavic)
Klaus Brandl, Assistant Professor (German)
Dafney Blanca Dabach, Assistant Professor (Education)
Ana Fernandez Dobao, Assistant Professor (Spanish & Portuguese)
Katarzyna A. Dziwirek, Professor (Slavic)
Hussein Elkhafaifi, Associate Professor (Near Eastern)
Zev Handel, Associate Professor (Chinese)
Julia Herschensohn, Professor (Linguistics)
Chan Lu, Assistant Professor (Chinese)
Suhanthie Motha, Associate Professor (English)
Amy Snyder Ohta, Associate Professor (Japanese)
Priti Sandhu, Assistant Professor (English)
Michael C. Shapiro, Professor (Hindi)
Sandra Silberstein, Professor (English)
Maya Smith, Assistant Professor (French & Italian)
Manka Varghese, Associate Professor (Education)

Graduate faculty with appropriate expertise who are not on this list may, upon approval of the Certificate director, become Core Faculty.

Steering Committee

Amy Snyder Ohta, Certificate Program Director and Steering Committee Chair
Klaus Brandl
Julia Herschensohn