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Heart Doctors Recommend Less Screen Time, Sedentary Behavior for Kids

When it comes to childhood obesity, sedentary behavior may be the most influential and controllable factor that parents can change, especially through managing screen time, according to a new American Heart Association Science Advisory. (Reuters Health)

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Young Athletes Should Stay Hydrated, But Too Much Water Can Be Deadly

Overzealous obedience to hydration advice has uncovered a dark underbelly to superior hydration practices: overhydration. Drinking too much water or sports drinks dilutes blood salt levels below the normal range, triggering brain swelling, headaches, vomiting and potentially death.  (CNN)

Tommy John’s Son Wants to Help Kids Avoid Sports Surgeries Like the One Named for his Dad

In the U.S., costly travel leagues and private training foster early sports specialization and year-round participation. The result is that children are experiencing the kind of overuse injuries once found primarily in professional athletes. (Washington Post)

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Screening Fails to Predict Most Heart Deaths In Young Soccer Players

Examinations of more than 11,000 adolescent soccer players in the UK over 20 years have found that routine heart testing prevented very few sudden heart-related deaths during exercise. (Reuters Health)

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Off Your Mental Game? You Could Be Mildly Dehydrated

A growing body of evidence finds that people who are just a little dehydrated don’t do as well on tasks that require complex processing or a lot of their attention. (NPR)

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What Happens to Your Body When You Train in Hot-Weather Conditions?

Training in the heat can actually work to your advantage. This inside look explains how athletes use a lab to acclimatize to hot training conditions. (Adventure Sports Network)

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What’s Killing Youth Soccer in America Is Also Hurting Most Every Other Sport

The high cost of competing excludes talented kids, hurts U.S. competition internationally and reduces youth participation in soccer–as well as other sports. (Forbes)

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‘This Was Preventable’: Football Heat Deaths and the Rising Temperature

Most states rank poorly on heat safety for their high school football players. Too many teens have paid the price, and temperatures are only getting worse. (InsideClimate News)

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That Spitting Thing at the World Cup? It’s Probably ‘Carb Rinsing’

Players are notoriously cloistered during the World Cup and are especially loath to speak about their fitness secrets, so the contents of their bottles are not known. But they may be employing a technique called “carb rinsing” or “mouth washing.” (New York Times)

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Exercise Can Help Treat Mood Disorders. Here’s Why, and How to Get Started.

A growing body of research shows that exercise can be as effective as medication and psychotherapy in treating mood disorders, depression and anxiety—without the side effects. (Washington Post)

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