Interactive Silk Road Map Exercise

This set of maps has been developed to assist learners in mastering basic geography of the Silk Road. The maps here include a variety of geographical names selected because of their importance. Obviously many other choices might have been made. The list is based on one that has been used for several years in a Silk Road survey course taught at the University of Washington. The maps have been designed by Lance Jenott in consultation with Daniel Waugh.

Selection of the area and geographic features to be grouped on any of the individual maps has been guided in part by technical considerations. Thus several maps have been used for the sake of clarity and simplicity. A single text file is available listing all the locations found in the set, but that list itself is not linked to any maps. Note that the digital map collection which is posted on Silk Road Seattle and some other linked on-line resources will help in studying the geography of the Silk Road in advance of using this interactive learning tool. Instructions:

  1. Click on one of the buttons below to select a map.
  2. If you are using Internet Explorer (recommended) you may choose then either an automated sequence of items or a drop-down where you can select in any order the item you wish to locate. If you are using Netscape, you have only the choice of the automated sequence. The item in the box of the automated sequence or the item you have clicked on to select from the drop-down list is the one you will then try to place on the map.
  3. Move the pointer to the location on the screen where you think the selected item is to be placed. Left click. If you have selected the location correctly, the name of the item then appears on the map. If you have not selected the correct location, a message indicates as much and you may try again. Once you have found the correct location for the item on the automated list, the next item in sequence will come up in the window.

For a list of all the place names included on these maps click here

Silk Road Seattle is a project of the Walter Chapin Simpson Center for the Humanities at the University of Washington. Financial support has been provided by the Silkroad Foundation (Saratoga, California).