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The very extensive Korea collection (of which we have here only a couple of items) is beautifully displayed in Gallery 67.

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Korea. Three Kingdoms Period: Silla, 5th-6th c. CE. Gold.
OA 1938.5-24.238, 242, 243
Possibly the technique of granulation came to Korea from the Han Chinese colony at Nanguang (Lelang), but gold earrings not worn in China. Gold objects in the Silla burials are often compared with those found at, e.g., Tillia Tepe in Afghanistan.
Statue of Amitabha Buddha, the Buddha of the Western Paradise.
Korea, Unified Silla Dynasty, 7th-8th c. CE. H.: 23.7 cm. Gilt bronze.
OA 1957.7-18.1. Learn more.
Compare the analogous Silla Dynasty gilded bronse Buddha in the Avery Brundage Collection, Asian Art Museum, San Francisco B65B64.