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These objects are from the regions occupied by nomadic peoples who lived on the northern borders of agricultural China in or around the big bend of the Yellow River. The "Ordos style" generally applies to the vivid representations of animals which are common motifs amongs the various nomadic peoples across Eurasia.

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Bronze pole top in form of elk.
Ordos type, 6th-5th c. BCE.
OA 1945.10-17.183
Bronze kneeling deer with two holes on top of head for antlers.
Ordos type, 5th-1st c. BCE.
OA 1914.4-10.2
Three bronze horses.
Ordos type, 5th-3rd c. BCE.
OA 1966.2-23.13; 1938.5-24.547; 1945.10-17.214
Silver buckle in the shape of a horse.
Ordos type, 4th-3rd c. BCE.
OA 1945.10-17.215
Bronze harness plaque in the form of a tiger attacking an ibex with its young.
Ordox type, 4th-3rd c. BCE.
OA 1973.7-26.90
Bronze plaque with horse being attacked by a tiger.
Ordos type, 3rd-2nd c. BCE.
OA 1916.8-3.2
Three gilt bronze belt buckles showing pairs of animals in combat.
Ordos type, 3rd-1st c. BCE.
OA 1936.11-18.139; 1947.7-13.365; 1936.11-18.140
Bronze plaque in form of a man.
Ordos type, 3rd-1st c. BCE.
OA 1922.6-1.20