Section 25 – The Kingdom of Eastern Qiemi .

1. Eastern Qiemi [Eastern Ch’ieh-mi].

“This kingdom appears to have been located between Lake Barkol to the east, and Guchen to the west.” Translated from Chavannes (1907), p. 210, n. 2.

“The territories of Eastern Chü-mi [note that Stein has chosen an alternative, though less used, romanisation here for the character ] and Western Chü-mi are the first to be named in the list [in the Weilue] among those dependent upon posterior Chü-shi through which ran the ‘new northern route’ after emerging from the desert to the north-west of the Jade Gate barrier. I have shown in Serindia that this route between the Jade Gate and Posterior Chü-shih, first opened in A.D. 2, must necessarily have crossed the T’ien-shan by the easy saddle over which passes the present Chinese cart-road from Hāmi to Guchen, between the stations of Ch’i-ku-ching and Ta-shih-t’o.... Eastern Chü-mi, like the rest of the small ‘kingdoms’ dependent on Posterior Chü-shih, must have lain on the northern side of the T’ien-shan. Hence we can safely locate it in the valleys and plateaus to the west of the Barkul lake which are reached across that saddle and which we crossed on our way from Barkul to Guchen....” Stein (1928), pp. 542-543.