Section 6 – The Kingdom of Zihe 子合 (modern Shahidulla)

1. Zihe 子合 [Tzu-ho] was in the region of modern Shahidulla – see note 5.1 above. For a discussion of the name and later forms of it, see Pulleyblank (1963), p. 109.

“Identified by the Tangshu (chap. CCXXI, a, p. 9b) with Zhujubo 朱俱波  [Chu-chü-po] or Zhujupan 朱俱縏 [Chu-chü-p’an] which appears to be identified with Karghalik (BEFEO, bk. III, p. 397, n. 4).” Translated and adapted from Chavannes (1907), p. 175, n. 1 [but see note 5.1 above re the identification of this place].

2. Hujian Gorge 呼鞬 [Hu-chien]. This presumably refers to the upper valley of the Karakash River in which Shahidullah (Xaidulla) is situated.