Teaching Assistant Counselor Positions

An integral part of SIMUW is the participation of Teaching Assistant/Counselors (TACs). When SIMUW is run on campus, the TACs live in the dorms with the participants, spending evenings and weekends with them. In our online format, TACs still spend weekdays, some weekday evenings, and Saturday mornings engaging the participants in SIMUW activities. This includes helping the instructors during morning and afternoon classes, joining participants and staff at lunchtime for relaxed conversation, facilitating math study hours later in the day, organizing evening games from time to time, and overseeing a combination of math hour and social time on the three intermediate Saturday mornings. For the four weeks of SIMUW, the TAC job is essentially full time. work full time for SIMUW.

Applicants for TAC positions should be finishing at least their sophomore year in college by June (graduate students are eligible too), should be studying mathematics or a closely related field, and should have some experience working with high school age students. Former SIMUW participants are encouraged to apply, including freshmen.

Each TAC is paid a stipend of at least for the four weeks, with larger stipends based on experience.

If you are interested in being a SIMUW TAC, please fill out a TAC application form and follow the additional instructions on it.

Applications received by , will be given priority, but late applications will be considered on a space available basis.

It is expected that we will start making decisions soon after . If you are planning to apply, but are likely to miss the target date, please send a message to simuw@math.washington.edu indicating your intention to apply in order to ensure proper consideration.