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March 9, 2015

MyPlan Academic Planner

About MyPlan

MyPlan is an academic planning tool for University of Washington Students. With MyPlan you can:

  • Create a plan for next quarter, next year, or all the way to graduation.
  • Search for courses that interest you, and add those courses to your Bookmarked list or directly to your plan.
  • Audit your progress to explore academic programs and discover which courses you may need to complete your degree.
  • Find course sections that will work with your schedule using Schedule Builder.
  • Send your planned courses to the registration system.
  • Share your plan with advisers to ensure you’re on the right path for academic success.

Accessing MyPlan

MyPlan can be accessed through MyUW or directly by going to:

Overview Video 2015

You can learn more about getting started with MyPlan by watching this overview tutorial produced for First-Year Programs in June 2015.

First-Year Programs MyPlan Registration Video

This video tutorial, produced in June 2015, is used to introduce students to MyPlan during orientation.


New Way to Register

Find out about MyPlan’s newest and most direct way to send courses to registration.

Plan Audit Video

Learn how to use the new Plan Audit in MyPlan.


Additional Resources

For additional information on using MyPlan features, MyPlan help content can be found within the application, and on the MyPlan website located here.

Questions and Feedback

Feedback about MyPlan can be submitted through the online feedback form. For questions on using the system, please email If you would like to request MyPlan training, please use our training request form located here.