Pacific Northwest Institute on
Special Education and the Law

PNWI will be a virtual conference this year and we are excited about the possibilities and challenges. The Institute will feature the same impressive lineup of speakers that have made this Special Education and the Law conference the best in the region. Our commitment to providing this important content is our first priority. We will post updates on the website as we develop the program.

The dates of the conference remain the same, October 12-14, 2020!

All times for the conference are in the Pacific Time Zone 

An Annual Overview of Selected Legal Issues Affecting Special Education Administration and Practices

Empirical and practical studies of special education and general education law.

Institute highlights:

  • Pre-Institute Mini-Courses
    Pre-institute mini-courses will provide an in-depth view of special education law applicable in public schools.
  • For Attorneys
    Keep current on legal issues related to special education; connect with school   districts and educators; earn CLE credit hours in ethics
  • Workshops
    Unique workshops will be conducted on current issues in special education.
  • General Sessions
    Respected experts will discuss timely issues during general sessions.

Why register?

  • Learn from special education law experts from around the country
  • Build professional relationships and network with colleagues
  • Stay current on recent legal decisions and interpretations of special education law and litigation
  • Expand your knowledge on emerging legal issues and trends

Who will benefit?

  • Educators
  • School Psychologists
  • Special Education Directors
  • Attorneys
  • Administrative Law Judges
  • Principals
  • Special Education Advocacy Groups
  • Parents
  • Education Administrators

CLE Credit and Clock Hours

CLE credit: Institute organizers will apply for Continuing Legal Education credit from the Washington State Bar Association (WSBA) and the Oregon State Bar Association (OSBA). In the past, the WSBA has approved the PNW Institute on Special Education and the Law  9 credits for attending the Institute and 2 credits for each Mini-Course including the Ethics Seminar. The same is true for the OSBA. We anticipate that we will be approved for the same number of credits this year. For all other states, you may apply as an individual for CLE credit. The number of CLE credits awarded varies from state to state.

Clock Hours: Continuum College at the University of Washington is an approved Washington State Board of Education provider for continuing professional education. In the past, the Institute on Tuesday and Wednesday was approved for 9 clock hours and 2  additional clock hours for each Mini-Course on Monday. We anticipate that we will be approved for the same number of clock hours this year.

Washington State Association of School Psychologists  in the past approved clock hours for attending the PNW Institute on Special Education and the Law. Two clock hours for each Monday Mini-Course and nine clock hours for attending the Institute on Tuesday and Wednesday. We anticipate that we will be approved for the same number of credits this year.

No additional fees are required to receive the WSBA or OSBA CLEs, Washington State clock hours, or WSASP clock hours. If you wish to earn CLE credits or Clock Hours for other states, please check with your state bar association or state Department of Education or State Association of School Psychologists to see if attendance at this Institute would qualify for credit. You are advised to learn about what state specific procedure should be followed. Upon request, you will be provided a certificate of attendance.